Do you know that our lives have a lot to do with what the events of the wind and sky outside? Our lives and day-to-day activities partially revolve around the weather status. During summer it gets hot outside and heat gains access into our homes, during this period it gets difficult to gather up motivation to do anything. Sweat strikes, you become wet, weak and damp as well as uncomfortable.

In the off chance that you own an air conditioning appliance, you may switch it on and generate a cool wintry surrounding for yourself. However this utilizes a lot of energy and increases your electric bill.

There are many things you can do to keep your home cool and comfortable during summer. Below are few tips on how to keep your home cool during summer while considering your electric bill:


  • Open Windows at Night: Endeavor to open windows at night because during this period everywhere significantly cools down. You can also open up the windows as soon as the sun dies down. You will definitely be surprised at how fast the hot atmosphere is substituted with refreshing cool air. Or instead, make good use of cross ventilation method, make windows directly opposite each other; this improves easy access of fresh air into the home while eliminating heat.
  • Keep Blinds Closed During the Day: Considerable amount of heat in our homes comes through from the windows of conservatories – heat and sunlight comes in and cannot go out. The solution to this is to regularly close your blinds during the day; in the off chance that your home looks dark, concentrate mainly on windows facing the south and west. This act can really reduce more than 20% of the noontime temperature in your home. For improved result make use of light-colored blinds which won’t absorb sunlight, rather reflect. You can open them later in the night when there is no sunlight; also you can place a cardboard paper in the window to further stop heat from getting into the house.


  • Plant Trees and Other Vegetations to Improve Shade: An appropriately-placed tree can improve things significantly for the solace of your home. Planting a tree may not immediately benefit you; however it is an awesome approach to both shading your home from sunlight and adding magnificence to your property. Tall shrubs such as vines are different choices which will have snappier outcomes, however will probably require additional maintenance in the future.
  • Attempt Few Large Renovations Like Getting Another Rooftop Or Repainting: On the off chance that the hot temperature is a genuine issue in your home each year, it is highly essential to consider re-painting your house to a lighter shading, or potentially getting another rooftop with more warmth protection than the usual shingles (these include concrete, metal, clay, different tiles, and slate).

These two actions are truly the principal line of guard in ensuring your home against the warmth of the sun. They ought to reflect and discharging the hotness of the sun instead of absorbing and storing it.


  • Doors Inside The Home Should Be Kept Open: During the winter, shutting doors assists to keep warm in particular rooms, doing as such in the hot summer months is inconvenient to your cause. You need air to stream openly through rooms and through the whole house. Considerable amount of wind gives a cooler and more convenient home, so keep inside doors open unless you need your rooms to end up really hot.
  • Replace or Switch Off Incandescent Lights: While the delicate yellow gleam of incandescent lights makes a decent atmosphere in the home, they likewise emit a ton of warmth. Maybe a couple lights won’t make your home uncomfortable hot, yet in the event that you keep running on incandescent, endeavor to replace them with a couple of cooler bulbs.

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